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2011-07-01 12:58:11 by spickleer

Hello dear peepl of the Newgrounds.

I am bored, but happy. Wait.

I am bored, and thus i wil make music for you! If you have a flash, videogame, film, app, anything, i will make music for free! So PM me or leave a reply!

I will make music!

If you need it, i'll do it.
Check out ma audio submissions to listen to some of it. Don't hate :)


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2011-07-01 13:08:15

I hope English isn't your first language. You write like an infant.

(Updated ) spickleer responds:

Indeed, like I intended to. I have multiple accounts on this website, and some accompany certain behaviours, AKA states of mind. Let's say I'm in a lazy mood, I make music. You have to agree with me on this part; recently I made a post to the Collaboration Forum. Now you see, I didn't start out with High English, but I tried my best talking in a chatty, slang version of the language. Why? Because that makes people feel more comfortable. But what I don't need, is people like you, criticising other people on their grammar and vocabulary. That interferes with everything I've written above, you see. And what I CERTAINLY don't need, is people swearing in their NG posts, saying that I am the one who should be taught a lesson.